Investigation and Insight

We work intensely to gain a deep and full perspective of where your organization is to assess the potential opportunities for growth. We use a variety of techniques, tools and approaches. Many are hands-on, all are coordinated and aligned:

• Primary and secondary research

• Internal and external audits

• Ethnography and observational studies

• Market analysis

• Internal leadership engagement

• Luminary interviews

• Business case support

• Opportunity identification

• Territory definition

Brand and Design Strategy

Acting on the key insights discovered through investigation, we create the foundation for your brand or design strategy. Your purpose, meaning, role and personality. No two brands are alike: we use many exciting tools to clarify what you stand for:

• Brand positioning

• Core idea creation

• Vision, mission and values

• Personality traits

• Brand architecture

• Naming

• Visual language definition

• Innovation mapping

Brand Expression

Translating intention into action is one of the most rewarding experiences for a marketing team. We have helped some of the world’s leading brands stand out and stay there by:

• Creative direction

• Brand identity systems

• Experience design

• User experience design

• Tonality

• Industrial design and packaging

• Interior design and environments

• Service design and style

• Communications, films and animations

Delivery and Implementation

From years of being on the client side, we appreciate that the real task begins with roll-out, implementation, people engagement and scaling of brand. We maintain that branding is application but brand concerns behavior. We support our clients with:

• Guidelines

• People engagement

• Launch and go-to-market strategy

• Evaluation and assessment

• Brand management and guardianship